The Disaggregated NOS is the cornerstone of Technology Innovation and New Services

Disaggregated Networking has now become a reality in large service provider networks, driven by the need to innovate and bring additional revenues through new network-based services. We review the key ingredients that makes a NOS an ideal candidate to deliver key routing functions and bring deep into the network the much needed innovation.

Anatomy of a Network Operating System

Anatomy of a Network Operating System

The IP router is a critical component in the scalability of the internet. A new Network Operating System architecture is needed, one that mimics the reliability and security mechanisms developed by cloud computing platforms. Disaggregated Networking has adopted cloud technologies, therefore it is the ideal solution to scale the internet even more.

6 Compelling Benefits of Internet Peering in 2022

Benefits of Internet Peering

Internet peering nowadays takes an even greater importance in the challenge to control the end to end quality of service delivered to your customers and the ability to protect your networks and end users against the most malicious cyber attacks. In this post, we are reviewing the most compelling benefits of internet peering.

What Is Open Networking & Exaware’s Vital Role

What Is Open Networking

At Exaware, we have been providing networking solutions to Communication Service Providers (CSP) for more than a decade. When we witnessed the swift turn towards Open Networking, we decided to jump on the train and embark on a mission to fundamentally change the way we design and build networks, to make them more versatile and more open to innovation.