A Disruption in the Market


Until recently, the only way for a vendor to provide carrier grade router was to develop a proprietary vertically integrated router that includes its own ASICs, hardware and software.

The barriers to entry for new vendors were extremely high, due to the high cost and complexity of developing a vertically integrated router. As a result, only a small number of incumbent vendors dominate this market, locking-in the Telco Service Providers into high cost solutions, low flexibility and poor innovation.


The disruption: transition from vertically integrated router to horizontally segmented (Disaggregated) router

The recent introduction of the DNX ASIC by Broadcom enables for the first time to build a scalable (from a few Gbps up to a 920Tbps) routing hardware from off-the-shelf components. As a result, ODM’s started providing commodity white-box hardware based on the DNX ASIC.

Exaware open, high scale/performance carrier-grade routing NOS fills the critical missing link that is needed to operate the white-box as a full routing solution.

The Need


Network traffic has posted ~ 50% CAGR in the last few years and is forecasted to continue to post more than 30% CAGR. As a result, Service Providers need to scale up their networks, facing a massive investment cycle, including the roll-out of 5G networks that require replacement, with the addition of millions of cell-site and aggregation routers.

The Service Providers’ challenge is how to finance the investment while the incumbent routing vendors keep prices up due to low competition, without the flexibility to increase their customers’ ARPU, due to the fierce competition with their peers. As a result, they are looking for ways to break the dominance of the incumbent vendors and re-engineer their networks to an affordable, flexible and easily scalable solution.

Service Provider Solution

In the Service Provider world, everything relies on the stability of the network, and its ability to secure it from cyber-attacks. At the same time, the network needs to be resilient and find ways to keep routing the traffic, even though a major failure may occur.

This is done through redundant architecture.

Data Center Solution

Using Exaware IP NOS, Datacenters service providers can now fully extend the with box model to the WAN, benefitting from an open architecture, while saving substantial costs.

Open architecture means, the ability to connect customer applications.

Internet Exchange Solution

Internet exchanges have faced many challenges in the past 10 years. Mainly a decline of the cost of
IP transit bandwidth.  This has put an unhealthy pressure on costs.

Using Exaware IP NOS with a White-Box hardware can solve that problem.


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