Senior Infrastructure Software Engineer


ExaWare is looking for an experienced, knowledgeable Senior Infrastructure Software Engineer who will be responsible for designing and developing infrastructure for a high-scale distributed routing system. This position requires excellent design and programing capabilities and good understanding of Linux operating system. The infra team develops infrastructure supporting high availability, in-service upgrade, large databases, inter-process-communication and management.


  • BSc in Computer Science, SW Engineering or equivalent
  • At least 5 years of development related experience. Process-oriented team player with experience building and supporting solution.


  • At least 5 years of C/C++ programming and design skills
  • Experience in developing (testing and debugging) on UNIX/Linux OS
  • Experience in development and integration of Linux kernel drivers. Knowledge in Linux internals. Experience in Linux build and boot.
  • Extensive knowledge of multi-threading, inter-process communication and shared memory
  • Experience in distributed system design principles, databases and Networking.


  • Experience in Networking.
  • Skilled in HA/fault tolerant system design.
  • Experienced in building development/release environment for Debian Linux flavor
  • Proficiency in kernel optimization, security, and automation process.
  • Proficiency in shell scripting and/or programming (Python, Perl, BASH, ruby, or other). Advanced experience writing and editing the most complex scripts used to perform system maintenance and administration.
  • Experience with Linux management tools such as automated provisioning (puppet, razor), containers (docker). Familiar with Linux resource monitoring and performance analysis tools.
  • Skilled in virtualization (VMware, KVM), HTTP/HTTPS, System administration
  • Experience with build systems (Makefiles/Scons), and release management tools (Jenkins, Jira)
  • Experience in Agile development methodology. Experience in Git source control.


  • Excellent troubleshooting skills and ability to learn new technologies quickly.
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Fluent English (both written and verbal)

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