Exaware solution is based on a robust Network Operating System, taking advantage of the Broadcom
DNX chipset family to provide a feature-rich, and massively scalable solution to run your network
efficiently, securely and at a fraction of the cost of mainstream vendors.

Exaware is made for Tier-1/Tier-2 service providers and large Enterprises.

Our Applications

Internet Peering

High scale BGP, RIB and FIB, routing policy language and interoperability.

Mobile Backhaul

With the coming shift to 5G, all mobile backhaul requires stable, feature rich IP/MPLS
solutions, together with advanced IEEE1588 and SyncE solutions.

– Cell site router
– Mobile aggregation

Datacenter Gateway

Support all services and connectivity options, including VPNs with your
upstream service provider.

Core Routing

High BW,
advanced routing control.

PE solutions

Feature rich, L3VPN/ L2VPN environment.

Read about our white paper on how to enable a white-box model in your WAN


Read about our white paper on how to enable a white-box model in your WAN


A Disruption in the Market

Until recently, the only way for a vendor to provide carrier grade router was to develop a proprietary vertically integrated router that includes its own ASICs, hardware and software...

The Need

Network traffic has posted ~ 50% CAGR in the last few years and is forecasted to continue to post more than 30% CAGR. As a result, Service Providers need to scale up their networks and are facing massive investment cycle...


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