Exaware provides feature-rich, carrier-grade, high-scale routing NOS for mobile backhaul, peering,
edge and core applications. Our solution enables Telecom Service Providers to transform their
networks and build massively scalable infrastructure to support the growing traffic demand while
dramatically reducing costs, with unprecedented deployment flexibility, upgrade and planning at
every layer of the network.

Exaware routing NOS has been in development over the past decade, initially for the company’s proprietary
hardware which was installed in Tier-1’s live networks and has now been ported to white-box
hardware based on DNX ASIC.


With an open architecture, Exaware solution can integrate to the operator existing and future management systems, as well as support a variety of Hardware solutions with our abstract API. This ensures an innovation path for new services without dependency on Exaware integrated features.

Service Providers

Service providers, whether mobile or fixed networks have much to benefit from the white-box model. The need is for high scale, feature-rich, redundant OS to provide solutions across all the carrier networks, from mobile backhaul, edge, core and peering applications.

Internet Exchange

Removing the cost barrier of traditional IP solutions, Internet exchanges have now the option to deploy scalable IP connectivity with full control on IP traffic exchange.

Data Center Gateway

The increase in datacenter capacity and the complex peering of datacenter with the external world requires the use of carrier class routers in scale and feature set. Exaware allows this functionality at the economics of datacenter equipment.

Open API and Standardization

With Netconf support, Exaware enables services and network management automation through industry standards tools.

Implemented on top of standard industry tools, such as ONIE, ONL and OpenBMC Exaware supports a wide variety of Hardware platforms and management tools.


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